How Kids Educational Toy Manufacturer Celebrated Children's Day with Employees?

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Author : Kids Educational Toy Manufacturer Cheertone
Update time : 2023-06-05 17:40:09
How Kids Educational Toy Manufacturer Celebrated Children's Day with Employees? | News | Cheertone Technology

On June 1, 2023, the employees of Cheertone enjoyed a joyful Children's Day celebration. We tasted childhood snacks, played games from our childhood, and painted our exclusive Gubi pet on the wall. You may wonder why a kids educational toy manufacturer would do this. Let me tell you.

Reasons for Cheertone's initiative:

It is an essential step in building a company culture and a social responsibility of the company. Employee welfare is one of the crucial assessment criteria for BSCI certification. Celebrating Children's Day with employees not only makes them feel the company's love but also strengthens the bond among employees. Moreover, it aligns with Cheertone's philosophy of bringing pure happiness to children. With 17 years of experience in the field of kid smart toys, we deeply understand the needs of children at different ages and what kind of smart toys are most suitable for them. We all have gone through the journey of growing up from children to adults, and this applies to every employee at Cheertone. Therefore, we spent Children's Day in joy and happiness.

Highlights of the Children's Day activities:

1.Playing classic childhood games:

We played the most classic games from our childhood, including ring toss and ping pong relay races. In the ring toss game, we set up various rewards such as kids smart watch, kids camera, game console, and kids educational toys. All employees gave their best efforts to win the grand prize. Although it was just a simple game, it demonstrated our spirit of striving and dedicating ourselves to doing things the best we can. It is with this spirit that we have accumulated 15 years of OEM&ODM experience, consistently delivering valuable electronic products for children to our customers.

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2.Gubi Wall Painting:

You might think that the design team of a children's toy manufacturer only creates 3D models and draws blueprints for products. But that's not the case. Our design team created a beautiful wall painting for our exclusive Gubi pet! Gubi is a pet IP independently developed by Cheertone, and you can interact with it in our latest products, Kids Smart Phone CT-P13A and Kids Smart Watch CT-W24. After two days, we finally completed the Gubi wall painting and added the handprints of each employee on the wall.


In conclusion, celebrating Children's Day with employees is not only the embodiment of our company's philosophy and product concept but also a measure of care and value given to employees' welfare. Every company has social responsibilities, and the construction of company culture requires time and effort. We will continue to improve our management system, seek more benefits for employees, and provide customers with high-quality products and professional services.

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