Mini Arcade Machine

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The Rebirth of Arcades

We are now in the 21st century where board games are experiencing a resurgence and mobile games are all the rage. Meanwhile, the arcade market as we once knew it is slowly going down in terms of popularity. Those bustling arcades that used to bring us hours of joy for our quarters are gradually fading out of sight. However, in recent years there has appeared a nostalgic trend that fondly recalls and values arcades. This is a "Second wind," of sorts, with arcades on a bit of a rebound with tweaks to make them appeal to a new and younger audience (look at popular arcade-restaurants such as, "Dave and Busters," for one example). However, while people may have an appreciation again for arcades going to the new versions can be very expensive and even buying your own arcade machine can be costly--not to mention heavy and quite likely to take up a lot of space! Many consumers want to be able to get that sensation of playing a classic arcade should the urge to do so strike and nowadays you can't just go to a big expensive arcade-restaurant or buy an expensive machine, "On a whim." A lot of younger players want to enjoy arcades and older consumers want that nostalgic sensation too so many have turned to a fantastic arcade alternative: the mini arcade. A mini arcade can meet those classic arcade needs of consumers for a lost less money and while taking up a lot less space. Plus, because many are designed to resemble those beloved old arcade machines many consumers love to even simply collect and display them like a piece of art. Mini arcades are a wonderful alternative that have become deeply loved by their owners.

With the rise of retro-themed fashion and products, the overall trend of the mini-arcade has boomed. When you examine any period of time in recent years the market has been active, stable, and constantly on the minds of consumers. For example, if you were to examine the popularity of searches for mini-arcades during a recent time period (such as November 2018 to February 2019) you would notice a consistent curiosity and enthusiasm in Google Trends. This occurrence is no mere phenomenon, there are a number of market-related reasons to point to, such as the rise of retro nostalgia in addition to World Events; simply consider how with the upcoming Tokyo Olympics and the fact that Japan is one of the biggest countries in the field of video-game consoles and it makes sense all kinds of gaming--including the market for mini-arcade machines, still has a lot of potential.
About Shenzhen Cheertone Technology Co. Ltd. and Our Products

Shenzhen Cheertone Technology Co. Ltd. is an extremely experienced children's toy manufacturer with a highly professional team and an experienced sound production management system. As long as a customer wants to carry on the OEM&ODM production of any product, we can support the production. Our mini arcade is a product our company developed in the early years of our existence and one of our best-selling products. They can be seen in many large chain stores or game rooms in foreign countries, and every year a number of our longtime customers place return orders and the quality of our products attract new customers who wish to purchase from us as well.

The main components used in our mini arcade are carefully and strictly monitored. If these raw materials are not well controlled for quality, there would quite possibly be problems in the subsequent production process. After all, low-quality materials can only make for a bad product while the best materials bring great results. For example, there could problems with the quality of the purchased screen which would lead to light leakage on the screen of the game console (making the player have a bad experience). A product that is of high quality, however, will not suffer these flaws.  Therefore, if the purchased IC and another accessories are not well controlled, it will easily shorten the service life of the product. The main accessories of our mini arcade include:

1. TFT color screen, with the use of this screen there is no game picture distortion. Featuring screen refracted light, it helps prevent eye strain and also helps reduce power consumption.

2. We use a speaker of SIP2CAAA. This speaker was selected after many tests. The quality of this speaker is fantastic with a soft and clear sound.

3. The specification of our main board is QLL V1.1 20018-10-18 with a thickness of 1.OH/O. The specification of the handle side board is QLL V1.1 20018-10-18 with a thickness of 1.

4. The binding master control specification of our mini arcade is VT369 CHO1563.

5. The keys mainly use 1*2 or 1*3silicone rubber keypad.This conductive adhesive is very elastic and ductile, which helps make the buttons more sensitive.

6.The colorful and sturdy packaging box has gone through the process of 350 single powder +4 color printing + light glue +PVC window to ensure the quality and firmness of the box, and to prevent damage to the box in the process of it being transported.

The best features of our mini-arcade are that it is small, retro, and has that classic look & feel. When it comes to the CPU capacity of the game machines we produce there are 8-bit CPU mini-arcades and 16-bit CPU mini-arcades. These different bits in the mini-arcades impact the pixels and number of compatible games that can be within the machine. They also have singles and doubles.

Our mini-arcades in single mode are CT-882B, CT-882T and CT-882X, which are all in one series.
The three singles mini arcade machines look similar on the outside, but there are several differences between them. They will be examined now:

1. The CT-882B is an 8bit game machine. The CT-882X is the 2.0 upgraded version of the CT-882B ,it is a 16 bit game machine. The number of games built within it is also different. The CT-882B has 200 games built into it and the CT-882X has 220 games built-in. Moreover, the games inside are classified so that players can easily make their selection.

2. The CT-882X and the CT-882T are 8bit consoles. The CT-882T has more built-in games than the CT-882B (22 more games for a total of 222 games) and they are all standard. However, the CT-882B and CT882T have a feature that can expand the TF card function so that players can download some classic games should they want to play them such as Super Mario or Pac-Man.

3. When comparing the CT-882B and the CT-882T with the CT-882X, the game picture of the CT-882X is clearer and the sound quality is higher. this is because the IC and CPU between them are different. This results in certain differences in the image effects and other aspects.

With that said, they all do have five things in common. Those will now also be examined:

1.The appearance of all of them is very classic and retro. They adopt the all-in-one machine design, just like a reduced version of the arcade in the 1980s and 1990s. This makes them easy to take on-the-go when traveling so someone can play a game to relax anytime and anywhere.

2.They all use a 2.8-inch TFT screen. This is just the right size, and the screen light does not cause eye strain.

3.There is the classic operating joystick which can be removed and replaced as needed. The operation button has a full anti-skid texture and it is very comfortable and smooth to play with.

4.They all use American-approved and environmentally-friendly 3*AA batteries and can also support a lithium battery configuration. Should the customer want two different power supply methods we can support those as well.

5.The packages all share a similar sense of design. The skylight box that features the products is youthful and hip, perfectly integrating retro and fashion.

In addition to the mini-arcade in singles mode, we also have mini-arcades with doubles mode, which are 8bit CT-881 and 16bit CT-881X, respectively.
The 16-bit CT-881X is an updated version of the CT-881, and there are many similarities between them. Such as:

1. Their overall construction style is an all-in-one machine, with a classic and retro appearance.

2. They are both doubles, which can be played against each other by friends or by oneself if they so choose.

3. A TF card expansion function is supported, allowing more games to be downloaded. Power can be provided to play directly through the USB cable (power can be directly connected to the USB cable to play), meaning there is no need to install batteries.

That said, here is how they differ in four significant ways:

1. The CT-881 is an 8-bit game machine whereas the CT-881X is a 16-bit game machine. The number of games built-in differs as well. The Ct-881 has 183 games while the CT-881X only has 72 games. Should a customer want to add to the built-in games without the TF function we have an expanded game library to select from for customers to insert as desired.

2. The CT-881 uses a 2.8-inch TFT screen while the CT-881X uses a 4.3-inch TFT screen. This results in the picture on the CT-881X being clearer.

3. The CT-881 is a wired doubles handle whereas the CT-881X is a 2.4g wireless doubles handle. It is capable of operating a game machine within a distance of 3-5m; this is of course much more convenient compared with wired handles.

The CT-881X can support AV line output, which turns a user's small screen into a large one. This makes the picture even clearer and more comfortable!

These mini-arcades make wonderful birthday and Christmas gifts for children as well as adults. It lets them enjoy the fun of classic games and is a great way for parents to bond with their children as they play together (or friends and couples)! Also, for fans of all things retro-themed they can be collected and proudly displayed. Should a boring moment ever occur these can easily be taken out to play with and provide a taste of the nostalgic past. Also, as they are very portable they are wonderful to go on a trip with to play anytime and anywhere.

Our mini-arcade is very popular in foreign markets as well. Lexibook, Dream Gear, Sonae MC have all purchased and customized our mini arcades to their specifications. Lexibook, for example, has used a custom case, cover, stickers, and colorful packaging boxes that are completely their own and they place return orders every 3-6 months.

In addition, according to the latest feedback from our business colleagues, the sales performance of mini-arcade in their markets has been very good. So whatever OEM&ODM is needed, as long as customers provide their needs and customized content, we can support them!