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Cheertone 4th World Book Day in 2023
What can you do with your employees as a manufacturer of kid smart watch on World Book Day? Take a look at what Cheertone has done!
Cheertone 4th World Book Day in 2023
April 23rd is World Book Day, and many libraries and institutions will hold various activities to celebrate this holiday. Some libraries will hold reading promotion activities, such as essay contests, reading contests, and reading marathons. In addition, some institutions will hold lectures, exhibitions, and other cultural activities to celebrate this holiday.


As a company that values employee learning and personal development, Cheertone has held four consecutive World Reading Day events and has been building and creating an environment and facilities suitable for reading for its employees. We have set up many entertainment facilities for employees, such as a book bar, tea room, activity room, and outdoor platform, allowing employees to have a quiet place to read even while at work. Among these facilities, the book bar is the most popular. The company provides hundreds of beautiful books covering literature, science and technology, economics, history, and other fields that employees can borrow and read at any time.


In addition, we also regularly organize reading activities, such as book sharing sessions, reading corners, and reading competitions, encouraging employees to actively participate in reading and find opportunities for self-improvement and growth through reading.


Developing a good reading habit is not easy, just like developing and producing kids electronic products. Whether it's a kids smart watch, kids camera, or a kids learning laptop, it requires a lot of time and effort. Although various problems may be encountered during the research and development process, with our 15 years of OEM & ODM experience, all problems can be solved easily. Our R&D and production experience are also accumulated through years of practice, just like developing a good reading habit.


We firmly believe that reading is the ladder of human progress, and only by continuously learning and reading can one stand out in the fierce market competition. Cheertone will continue to work hard to create a better reading environment and experience for its employees, enabling them to continuously improve and progress in both work and life.

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